Holy crap!!!! These are so good!!!! Thank you so much Erika!! Can't wait to work with you again you're super talented.
Seriously let me know when you're back and I will send you whoever you want!!!
-Sydney /// Director-New Faces LA Models

Erika, I'm literally crying right now!! Words can not express how perfect these pictures are. from the model, makeup, styling and of course your photography..I'm speechless!! Thank you for making this such a smooth easy peasy process for me. I'm incredibly grateful to you!! THANK YOU!!!! OMG I LOVE these!! They are exactly what I'm needing. So Perfect... I seriously love you!!!

I feel total synchronicity right now and I'm just speechless. Sometimes I have a hard time verbally expressing what's in my mind and spirit, but I totally feel like you knew instantly who I am and what I was trying to convey with this collection. I'm eternally grateful for meeting you!! I feel you are going to help me take my business to the next level. Thank you so much! I couldn't be happier with EVERYTHING that you and your team have done. You're truly amazing!! I just can't stop looking at them. They're just amazing. You're beyond talented!!


The shoot turned out beautifully, so in love with everything ♥ I love the overall blue tone of the photos too. You captured some really great shots. Can't wait to share these with everyone. Thanks again Erika!! You are amazing.

You are a lovely person we were so lucky to have had the chance to work with you.
You are too kind to us. Your blog, then your pump us up blog.
Again, we are so lucky & thankful for all you have done for us.
-Melyssa /// SHOW CASE

These are so, so beautiful!!!
-Jessica /// Stark Skincare

wow these are so amazing!!!!! i love them, especially with the smoke. :)

I love the shots. Thanks again for doing them.

Thank you for the pictures! I really like them!

Thank you Erika, the pictures are AWESOME!!!

Thank you SOOO much for the pictures! I absolutely LOVE them!!! This was by far my favorite photo shoot!

They're awesome! I love em' great job!

Yay! These look great! Thank YOU for a great shoot.

YES! Thank you so much. We LOVE them.

I'm so excited! They turned out so good. Because you're the best!
-Camilla // MyDecoDay.com

They look amazing!

SO IN LOVE WITH THESE! Thank you again! So much! Ugh! Love them!

I'm in love! These are fantastic!
Honestly so thrilled. Thank you so much <3 !!
I couldn't have asked for anything better :)

I LOOOOOOOOVE them!!!! Thank you, thank you!! xoxo

I'm soooooo pleased with them. You are a creative genius.

Great thank you so much! They're great :)

Thank you so much for shooting me, I had so much fun and it was wonderful to meet you. I thoroughly enjoyed doing something so outside of my comfort zone.

Aww thank you so much for all your hard work. We are both truly appreciative and loved working with you. Seriously the best photo shoot we've had!
We love them so much!
-Juliana /// Scatter Their Own

Oh my goodness! I absolutely love all the pictures, you did an amazing job! They're exactly how I wanted them to be! It might take me a while to go through and pick all my favorites but I'll let you know by tomorrow afternoon! Eeep! I'm so happy with how they turned out!

These are SIMPLY AMAZING. I love each and every one of them. Gosh – you are gifted.

You are amazing!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!

We are so thankful you came into our lives and made show case prettier!!
-Seandra /// SHOW CASE

!!!!!!! Soooo cooolllll!!! Thanks so much Erika! :) You're so amazing and talented. You obviously don't need me to tell you that though haha. I love them! Thank you so much

Thanks so much for being such an awesome photographer! :)

Ah thanks. I couldn't have asked to work with anyone better. Thanks so much for everything you did to make me feel comfortable. Definitely couldn't have asked for a better FIRST experience. You're the greatest. Thanks for giving me such a wonderful opportunity.
Feeling so blessed ♥

thank you so much youre awesome for this <3<3!!!!!!!

I'm in LOVE with the photos. Really...in love.
Thank you. What a talent you have. What a joy it was. :)
-Jennifer /// High5LA

Thank you so much for doing those! quite the keepsake & for you to have your talent mixed in and shining through- makes it so wonderful!
You really are amazing!
i do love them!!!!! thank you so much!!! i dont have enough words to thank you!

Ooooo! These are AMAZING! You are amazing! I love them. Love love love!

I LOVE them!! Thank you, thank you!! You truly are a visual poet, dearest! I hope you're doing well and hope to see you again soon!


I had this framed for my father for xmas.
I cannot thank you enough for the best gift ever.

Still need more convincing? I got you!
Check out my visual poetry on some of my clients websites!

screenshot of website with images by erika astrid

Life and Business Coach Stephenie Zamora shot in Denver. 

screenshot of website with images by erika astrid

Tiny House Builder Kristie Wolfe shot in Boise. 

screenshot of website with images by erika astrid
Salon and Headshot Session for Fete shot in Boise. 

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