ROAD TRIP: Long Lost Photos of the Oregon Coast

A few weeks ago while packing my house up and getting ready for my move from Boise to Portland I found an old roll of film that somehow got lost in a box of knick knacks, I had no idea what was on it, so I got it developed. Little did I know that it was from a trip to Portland and the Oregon coast that me and my ex husband took in 2012, a few months before our divorce. 

My heart burst with love and sadness when I saw the first image. September 24th marked his 2 year anniversary since he took his own life. I think about him all the time and am so thankful that he was such a big part of mine and my sons life. Luckily love goes on even if someones body isn't there anymore. 

One of the most important things I learned from this is that you are not alone, even if it sometimes feels like it, there are so many people out there who love you so much and they are just a phone call away!

So, this post is dedicated to love.