ROAD TRIP: Art Basel Miami

Art Basel was everything I expected it not to be, actually Miami in general was. The last time I had been to Florida was when I was 1 or 2 years old, so I had no idea what to expect, except for what I had seen on CSI:Miami. The first thing that hit me when I got out of the airport was a hot wall of 800% humidity, at 1am in December but I guess thats Miami for you. 

For most of my trip I hung out with my friend Ben who moved to Miami a few month ago. It was nice to have someone show me around. We just walked around all day, saw a lot of art and ate good food.

Wynwood was fun, lots of little Galleries and Shops filled with art plus a ton of street art everywhere. My highlight was going to the Robert Fontaine Gallery and seeing Patricia Field and her creations.

I also really enjoyed the Scope show which takes place right at the beach. A lot of galleries representing wonderful artists that I actually follow on Instagram, which was super cool to see in person.

Art Basel on the other hand was a whole different story, I was mostly disappointed at how little any of it had to do with talent and mostly who you know. One of my favorite moments was when I saw a black tulle skirt hanging on a wall and was about to say something snarky about it to Ben, when the lady next to us said (pointing at the tulle thing): "But this one, just BLOWS me away. Its just incredible!" WHAT?! Ok.

And that's exactly how I felt about most pieces, to me they were soulless and were not even about technique. Seeing all these serious huge galleries, that I thought were amazing, showing things that I would not consider art or talented was strange and a little depressing. But what do I know.

So to summon it up, Miami was not as glamorous as I thought. It mostly smelled like hot garbage and piss. The art world is definitely not what I thought it was which is a good thing because you can literally do anything and call it art, I guess I knew that but seeing it in the biggest art show of the world really put it into perspective. 

So, if you are an artist, just keep doing your work and don't worry about anything else, the right people will find you even if you paint a canvas white.