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color of the week: blue

{bottom middle image - asuyeta / other images via Pinterest

Oh, blue - young, fresh, calming blue.

Like the ocean glistening in the afternoon sun, smelling of salt and endless love.

Like a sunny afternoon sky calming you down and filling you with warmth.

Making you feel at ease and calm.

Let this soft bandeau dress gently hug your curves while enjoying the sunrays dancing in your hair.

Be sexy + keep calm.

handmade bandeau dress

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asuyeta mood board: wood

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There’s a calming comfort, full of warmth to wooden objects that I find relaxes the very quintessence of my being.

With its beauty and strength, wood supports us, shelters us, burns bright for us, and holds a deeper knowledge of what life is about then we will ever be cognizant of.

Each knot, ring and broken limb holds a story that tells us of the years.

Each branch sways and bends, to help the wind tell us its tale.

This weekend, go see the forest for the trees, and find one that opens your heart and energizes your soul.

Then get lost in a book and let the tree gently cleanse your aura.

handmade tie dye dresshandmade leggingshandmade tie dye shirt

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When wanderlust softly whispers her name, all she can do is follow.

Follow her heart. Follow her soul. Follow mother nature.

She is a stray, her heart belongs to the wild outdoors, with no where to go and everywhere to be.

She is addicted to the hint of lilacs in the breeze, the scent of damp dirt mixed with fallen leaves, the way the pure air fills her aura and cleanses her soul.

She will return eventually - energized and newborn, until next time.

She just lets herself flow where ever the wind takes her.

Where will it take her this time?

Nobody knows.

Whether you are a boho girl, a hipster or a rebel, take her home with you today and start your own adventure!

ways to wear: cut-off shorts
{shorts - asuyeta vintage • top - free people • shoes - solestruck • nail polish - scotch naturals • ring stack - nadine jewelry • necklace - amy o}

ways to wear: cut-off shorts
{shorts - asuyeta vintage • top - aloha from deer • shoes - solestruck • nail polish - scotch naturals • necklace - pixie market • rings - amy o}

ways to wear: cut-off shorts

{shorts - asuyeta vintage • top - aloha from deer • shoes - solestruck • nail polish - scotch naturals • bracelet - pixie market • rings - midwest alchemy}

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color of the week: white & red

{top left image - asuyeta / other images via Pinterest

Oh, those times when chewing bubble gum was considered cool and women knew how to love their curvy bodies, wrapping them in high waisted circle skirts - naughtyly twirling, knowing it will drive the boys, with their perfect hair and big rides crazy.

When afternoons consisted of marshmallow milkshakes, fries and good music.

Better be home by 9 you naugthy girl!

Nothing brings back those times better then this white and red polka dot shirt. 

So, slip it on, hit play below and just enjoy!

handmade polka dot shirt

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asuyeta mood board: denim

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I would like to take this time to show a little love and appreciation for the fabric that has worked its way from the bottom up.

The fabric that most all of us live in, and has become the uniform for all ages.

With its various dips dyes and fades, my heart goes out to DENIM... Sweet Sweet Glorious Denim.

When in doubt of what to wear ANY day of the week, who do you turn to other than your favorite pair of jeans, your second skin to get you through the night??

What goes with everything, hugs that booty of yours in all the right ways, forming waterfalls out the mouths of men and women alike??

And when you blast out the knees or the ass of your pants after a long hard winter, what other clothing item looks as great chopped and frayed into the the teeniest piece of clothing, making those summer legs of yours look like popsicles waiting to be licked???


Tweeds, polyesters and chambrays are great, but they can’t work it like denim can.

Be bold wear all denim this week and show the world that a “Trailer Trash Tuxedo” is where its at. (Except don’t don a denim hat or evening gown, Britney and Justin tried that once- No Muy Bueno.)

handpicked vintage denim shirthandmade denim skirthandpicked vintage denim shorts

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XOXO Erika