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ASUYETA NECKLACES they're awesome.

 ◢ We posted a picture of this little baby on FB the other day and no one liked it! Which I can't believe! It's an old nail that is wrapped in metal wire. Super into them. I've had mine for about a week and I wear it like, uh, everyday. It's simple and goes with everything and also looks super rad layered with other necklaces (especially crystals!) I get compliments on it a few times a day! So check it out! They'll be in the shop soon. Along with some bracelets and THE NEW COLLECTION!◣

go check out the moon! it's going to appear full for 3 days. today is day 2. pretty sweet stuff!

with love,

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Agnes Deer:

Beautiful! And so unique! :)


September 02 2012 at 02:09 PM

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