Are You A Skincare Rebel?

Fact is, I love dressing up and looking and feeling beautiful - inside and out.

Which means living a healthy and happy life, making sure my food is organic, and my beauty products are as well.

Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs everything like a sponge, so it's very important to be aware of what you smear onto that delicate skin of yours.

That is why I make sure that my beauty products don't contain any crap.

So, you can image how excited I got when I came across Stark Skincare. Their cute little logo and packaging is just perfect for us visual girls, right?!

And the Stark Skincare philosophy is so Asuyeta style - 100% natural ingredients (natural, raw and organic, you could even eat it), no animal testing and all products are handmade in small batches! To just name a few things, check out their whole philosophy right here.

stark skincare review on asuyeta

Jessica, the founder and CEO is the sweetest and calls herself a natural skincare rebel...mmmh, can we be BFFs?!

She sent over 2 samples for me to test out and I am absolutely in love (and my husband is too).

It smells delicious, feels amazing and my skin just loves me so much more. Plus I only need to use a tiny bit which means it will last forever!

The White Willow Bark - Perfecting Tonic 

stark skincare review on asuyeta

After washing my face with water (morning and night), I sprayed two spritzer in my hands and dabbed it all over my face and neck. It smells like lemon buttermilk and is super refreshing.

Cypress - Purity and Defense Oil

stark skincare review on asuyeta

After the Tonic, I smoothed two drops of the oil on my face and neck. It smells very cleansing, like pine woods and you can feel it building up a little defense barrier against city grime.

I will definitely order the GRAPEFRUIT cleanse & hydrate balm next! YAY!

Are you a skincare rebel yet? Come on over and join us! - click to tweet!

♥ Erika

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