ASK ME ANYTHING: Who Am I and What the Hell

My boyfriend pointed out that a lot of things happen during my week and that it might be helpful to share them and blog about them. So here it goes.

This week involved a lot of iced coconut milk lattes, cat petting and painting.

I finally got all my polaroids scanned (I use an Epson 2450 Photo Scanner and it rocks) and I got 101 of them on 13x19 inch paper printed (at a local Art Print Place called Evermore). I am really excited to mount them on panels and paint on them. I got my panels at Home Depot - MDF 1/4 inch and they cut them for me to the size I needed. Here are some finished ones I did:

If you don't follow me on Snapchat (you should if you want to see my cat a lot! It's erikaastrid), you might not have seen the sneak peek of the prints I posted, so here you go:

polaroids by erika astrid
polaroids by erika astrid

I also hired my first skin retoucher, after years of doing this myself and spending a lot of time on it I finally decided it was time. I found Oleg through and I am more than happy and impressed by his work! If you are thinking of outsourcing some of your work, I highly recommend It's easy to set up but make sure you are crystal clear in what you are expecting and how much you are willing to pay. Some people bid low on your projects just to get your attention and when you award them they want more. Make sure to communicate before awarding a project.

I am heading to LA on Sunday for 3-4 weeks, so I am in the process of setting up shoots and meetings with agencies + potential clients. So its lots of emailing, waiting and moodboarding. While waiting for my little Prius to get it's first checkup I made 3 moodboards for editorial shoots I am doing down there. Here is one of them:

moodboard by erika astrid

This morning I woke up to being published on CAKE again. Here is a sneak peek. I will post the full set this week!

fashion photography by erika astrid

And last but not least I want to introduce a new little thang- I get a lot of super sweet and curious emails from readers from all over the world, so I decided to answer your questions on my blog every week from now on! 

Anything Photography, Fashion Industry or Cat (or anything you can think of!) related - keep them coming.

I recently got an Email from Junior Keitheile from South Africa with a bunch of questions. You can check him out on Instagram right here. Here are his questions:

Q: Who/what is you inspiration?
A: Everyday life, thoughts, visual things I see, music I hear, people. It can literally be anything and everything.

Q: What camera/cameras do you use?
A: I use a Nikon D810 with a Nikon 24mm/f1.4 and Nikon 58mm/f1.4, I also use an old Polaroid 600 and a Fuji Instax210 and Polaroid 300. I do have a bunch of other ones but those are the ones I use all the time

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?
A: Everything except heavy metal and techno. Right now i love The National, Milky Chance and Hozier.

Q: Did you know what you wanted to be when you were young?
A: I wanted to be a stuntwoman, a vet and/or a police officer. So, not even close to what I am doing today. Except for stuntwoman, sometimes when shooting I do some crazy stunts. :)

Q: If you could travel the world what would be the first five countries you would visit?
A: This is an interesting question because thinking about i, I definitely could travel more but I am not. I am very comfortable at home. Maybe one day when I can actually be in the present moment and enjoy it I will travel more but for now I still have a long way to go. When that day comes I think Australia, Iceland, India, Spain and New Zealand are happening.

Q: What got you into photography?
A: I always was interested in photography but I never really picked up a camera because i was too intimidated. When I was 18 I got pregnant (with my son who is now 12 years old) and had the urge to start something new, so I picked up a sewing machine and started making stuff. Fast forward a few years later and I had started my own clothing label making one of a kind shirts, selling them in stores in Germany (where i am from). Fast forward a few more years and I made my first collection, started working with photographers. In 2012 I moved to the Boise, ID and could find a photographer to shoot my collection, so i decided to pick up my camera and do it myself. I immediately fell in love with photography and haven’t stopped ever since. I quit my clothing label soon after and have been doing photography full time for 2 years now. 

Q: Did you study photography, or did you learn on your own?
A: I never took a photography class and taught everything I know to myself by shooting shooting shooting (i am still not even close to where i want to be). I actually just enrolled into MASTERED: Photography with Nick Knight starting in September, my first class ever. I will let you know how that goes. I also watch online videos and tutorials about skin retouching and color correcting, reading camera and lens reviews and looking at A LOT of photography. Also by asking other photographers how they do it (I still ask a lot of questions / research things) or assisting. If you don’t know something ask and research! Simple. 

Now, send me an email with your questions or comment below!

xoxo Erika