How To Make A Moodboard + Why

how to do a moodboard and why

We've all been there, you have this amazing idea in your head for a shoot but since printing an image from your brain isn't an option and putting it into words is even more difficult (visual people, right?) it didn't turn out the way you were envisioning it (DUH!), so you end up being frustrated and everyone else probably is as well.


Well, since mind reading is not really a thing yet, I want to show you the simplest and funnest way to bring everyone involved in the shoot up to speed and onto the same wavelength.


You've probably heard about them or maybe even made one but weren't sure how, why or what.

They are kind of a mystery.

Calm down.

Today, I want to show you how to make a moodboard that will get the whole team, you and the cat excited and most importantly get you the results you want - an awesome shoot you can be proud of.

One more side note: Moodboards are there to get you and the team inspired, not to copy and steal from other photographers etc. You are a creative little creature, you don't need to copy anyone else. Make it your own :)

Now, watch the video and enjoy!

Now, leave a comment below and let me know how you get inspired!

xoxo Erika