How To Find + Approach A Creative Team

how to find a creative team

You have all the awesome ideas, made a moodboard (like I showed you last week) but now you have no one to actually shoot with.

Well shoot. (See what I did there, yeah not that good, I know)

Whether you are a photographer, makeup artist, model etc. you won't be able to do anything without other people.

If you are a photographer the minimum you need is a model, same with models. If you are a makeup artist you need a model and a photographer. You get the idea.

So today I want to show you 4 ways of how I find creatives to work with. This applies from beginners to experienced photographers.

My 4 ways are:
1. Facebook (find who other people are working with and message them)
2. Instagram (same as FB, find out who other are working with and comment)
3. ModelMayhem (yes, its a good resource platform to find any type of creative. Use your good eye and you will find good people on there)
4. Agencies (Model Agencies and Talent Agencies for Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists etc)

Next step, watch the video then practice, be bold and never give up!

Have fun watching!

Now I want you to comment below with your insights and questions!

xoxo Erika