Click here for the full PDF to zoom in and stuff

Click here for the full PDF to zoom in and stuff

When I was in LA a few month ago I was inspired by an old school workout bike that my good friend and wardrobe stylist Eva Sheridan had hanging around in her back yard.

My words were probably something like: 'OMG! Let's do a super weird 70s workout shoot with that bike! Put the model in weird leotards and have her pretend like she is sweating super hard.'

Well, when I got back to Boise I made the moodboard (above), picked the date, contacted VISION to book Alex Noiret for the shoot, contacted Celestine to get some amazing hair and makeup artists and got Eva all stoked on getting some super cool pieces for this shoot. 

Back in LA, the shooting day came, We had a little miscommunication if the shoot is even happening (always make sure to give everyone on the team your number!), so we ended up starting super late, in between hair changes I decided that we need to have boxing gloves and weird stretchy bands as I called them, so I ran to a Sporting Goods store only to return everything after the shoot (tip: leave tags on items, tape shoes and handle everything with care so you can return them after the shoot).

And here is the result:

Model: Alex Noiret @VisionLA
Styling: Eva Sheridan
Hair: Taylor Bond @Celestine
Makeup: Alexis Swain @Celestine

Published with Cover in LUCY'S Vol 16:

Hope you enjoyed the images and magazine. 

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xoxo Erika