Desktop Sneakeroo + How To Stay Organized


A few years ago I was a big mess, heck I still am one today - once in a while.

The biggest organizational mess there is.

I am talking spacing appointments, not having any coconut milk for my oatmeal in the morning or forgetting all the awesome ideas that I had right when i was falling asleep.

Sounds familiar. I bet, thats how we artists tick, right?

And you know what, its totally fine because you can teach yourself certain little habits - to-do lists, a notebook by your bed, sticky notes (gotta love those sticky notes, I have them everywhere), just simple things to make your life a little easier and less chaotic.

Since my brain is going a million miles an hour almost 24/7 a day there needs to be some structure. (I can hear you going YEAH GURL!)

Well anyway, like everything else my desktop was a hot mess too, so i started being more organized and voila, now i can actually get shit done.

So, here it is, a little sneakaroo onto my desktop and how I stay organized to maybe spark some new inspiration or if you are the Martha Stewart of artists (let me know because I want to learn more tips and tricks), you probably still want to watch it because lets face it, we all are a little nosey and wanna get that little sneak peek into someones life.

Why else would we follow Ryan Gosling on Snapchat? (Actually I am not even sure if he is on Snapchat.)


Now I would love to hear from you! 

Leave a comment below and tell me 3 things that you do to stay organized.

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xoxo Erika