ASK ME ANYTHING: How To Stay Positive

This week I got my Polaroid Prints, did a shoot, drove 15 hours to LA and got my Magazine Cover in the mail. And there was some cat action as well.

erika astrid blog
erika astrid blog

Last week I did a shoot with Erin and we had so much fun. It was hot as hell combined with a windstorm. Needless to say I was out for 2 days after that. Here is a little sneak peek.

erika astrid blog

I also finally got my UN|SCENE Magazines in the mail with my shoot on the cover! YAY!

I also drove 15 hours to LA with my Prius that I got a few month ago. $60 to get from Boise to LA, hell yeah! Plus my friend Camilla moved down here, so we packed up the car and went. Super fun, easy drive. Smokey all the way.

erika astrid blog

I will be in LA for a few weeks, so I can't wait to see what's next and tell you all about it.

And now to my weekly Q+A. Mary Tap emailed me with some fabulous questions! Here you go:

Q: Have you ever had days where you thought this wasn’t for you and just wanted to give up?! What advice can you give to someone who has felt that way towards being a photographer? Along with advice you can give to people are looking to start out?!
A: Yes yes yes! I have those days all the time actually. I feel my work isn’t good enough or there are so many photographers out there that are better. Who needs another one? What am I doing? Those are questions that go through my head all the time. When I catch myself thinking those things, I have to consciously stop myself and remember that I am unique - everyone is unique. No one can do what I do or what the person next to me does because they are them and I am me. We all bring a unique personality and style into everything we do. We are not clones, we are individual humans. 

Just keep doing what you are doing, learn, fail, succeed and never give up! Someone told me about a guy that at the end of the month makes sure he has had 5 failures because that means he tried new and different things. If you don’t do anything you won’t fail but you also won’t succeed. 

If you are just starting out, the same thing applies to someone that has been doing it for 40 years. Keep learning, shooting, trying new things. Get out of your comfort zone. And never give up. If it doesn’t feel right, try something else. If its uncomfortable in a good way, keep going.

Q: What are the ugly side to this business?!
A: I try not to focus on the negative. If you think positive, you will attract that. I couldn’t say what the ugly side of the business is except for maybe skin editing :D

Q: What has been your best shoot you’ve had so far?! 
A: I have a lot of shoots that I think are ok, some that I hate and some that i absolutely love. And that changes as I grow as well. Usually whats in my portfolio are the ones I am proud of. And there are still a lot of shoots I can’t share yet because they are waiting to be published.

Q: And lastly, what has been your proudest publication?! 
A: Probably the OYSTER one. But I do get excited every time I am published, small or big publications.

Do you have any questions for me? Email me!

xoxo Erika