I am an artist and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. I specialize in editorial fashion. I am interested in the space where my photography meets the realm of abstract painting.

I believe the energy of a photo shoot lends itself to the images. I want to capture the true complexity and emotional state of my models, and ultimately myself. I am attracted to breaking the archetype and expanding our idea of beauty.

I love working with a team of individuals who all bring a part of their soul to the table. I believe it leads to the unexpected and the original. I always strive to foster a dynamic that is both relaxed and inspiring, a creative space for everyone involved to grow.

Painting is a major outlet for me, and an inventive tool within my photography. My finished pieces often involve a few sessions of collaging, acrylic, and oil layered over the printed images. The result is a dimensional piece of art that is truly my own.

written by Erin Belair

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Instagram: @erikaastrid

Clients / Publications include:
PAPER Mag / Blonde Magazine / Refinery 29 / NIKE / Portland Bride & Groom / ALIMA PURE / Kaltblut Magazine / Wild Unknown / live FAST Mag / Z!NK /  Solestruck / C-Heads / Oyster / Disfunkshion Magazine / Karmaloop / CAKE Mag / Motel Rocks / P&Co / Sticks and Stones / Nakid Magazine / INTENTIONALLY ___________. / Proof / Alexandrea Anissa / Poprageous / Stark Skincare / 

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